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Measurement Worksheets

The elementary grade levels are pounded with these skills in the core curriculum. It makes a great deal of sense for the real world. We cover both the metric and U.S. Standards of measure. We would highly recommend that you cover proportions and ratios in great detail before working on converting units of measure with students. We cover the use of tools and guides with measurement as well.

Above and Below, Left and Right

Above and Below

Accuracy and Measurement

Adding Angles of Measure

Area and Perimeter Word Problems

Big and Small

Choosing Appropriate Units in Formulas

Classifying Objects into Groups

Comparing Measures (Length and Weight)

Converting Measures of Length

Converting Standard Sized Units of Measurement

Converting Units of Capacity Problems

Cubic Volume: Multiplication Relationships

Describing Measurements

Estimating Units of Length

Estimating Weight

Find the Biggest Object

Following Sentence Based Directions

Front and Behind

Generate Measurement Data Word Problems

How Tall Is It?

Inside, Outside And Between

Indirect Length Word Problems

Introduction to the Metric System

Length Word Problems

Length Word Problems In Units

Long and Short

Match the Same Number of Different Objects


Matching Numbers and Groups of Objects

Matching Pairs

Measure Angles with a Protractor

Measurement Distance, Time, Liquid Volume Word Problems

Measurement Tools and Measuring Length

Measurements in Fractions of a Unit

Measures of Length Word Problems

Measuring Length in Meters

Measuring Liquid Volume

Measuring Liquid Volume (with Graduated Cylinders)

Measuring Volume with Unit Cubes

Metric Capacity

Metric Mass

Metric Measurement Word Problems

Metric Unit Conversion

Metric Units of Length

Metric Units of Volume

Number Lines and Whole Numbers

Operations With Units of Measure Worksheets

Quantities and Descriptive Modeling

Recognize Angles as Geometric Shapes

Recognizing Same Size

Relative Sizes of Measurement Units

Same and Different

Spot All The Differences

The Volume of Solid Figures

Units of Volume

Volumes of Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres

Who Weighs More or Less

What Doesn't Belong