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Algebra Worksheets

This section highlights all of our algebra materials across all grade levels. This topic first shows up around grade 3 and follows students through high school. I am often adding topics to this section. If you can think of anything that I am missing, please let me know and I'll get it up quickly.

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Adding, Multiplying, and Subtracting Monomials

Applying the Remainder Theorem

Binomial Theorem for Expansion

Binary Operation Tables

Combine Like Terms and Expand Terms

Completing the Square in a Quadratic Expression

Complicated Expressions

Conditional Expressions

Creating Equations and Inequalities

Creating Equations with Two or More Variables

Distance Formula

Double Step Algebra

Explaining How to Solve Equations

Finding and Using the Discriminant

Finding Points of Intersection for Complex Equations

Finding the Inverse of a Matrix

Graphing Equations

Graphing Linear Inequalities as a Half-Plane

High School Algebra Posters

Identifying Zeros of Binomials

Interpret the Context of Expressions

Linear Equations as a Matrix Equation

Multiplying Binomials

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces in Math Expressions

Polynomial Addition and Subtraction

Polynomial Division

Polynomial Multiplication

Properties of Exponents

Proving Polynomial Identities

Quadratic Equations: Completing the Square

Quadratics: Using Square Roots and Zero Property

Rearranging and Understanding Formulas

Rewriting Expressions

Rewriting Rationale Expression

Simple Algebra Word Problems

Simple Expressions That Record Calculations

Single Step Algebra Equation Solving

Solve Rational and Radical Equations

Solving Basic Function Tables

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable

Solving Systems of Equations

Solving Systems Word Problems

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing

Solving Simultaneous Equations (Linear and Quadratics)

Solving Quadratic Equations

Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring

Using Graphs of Equations

Using the Quadratic Formula

Word Problems That Require Equations or Inequalities

Writing Expression for Geometric Sequences