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Preschool Math Worksheets

Since there is no set preschool curriculum, at least in the eyes of the Core Curriculum Initiative, we improvised a little. We worked with several past national and every state draft of preschool curriculum that we could get my hands on. All the work here is aligned to the Core as precursory skills for achieving kindergarten standards. We also have Preschool Math Posters for your class walls.

Precursory Skills For Counting

Counting Objects 1-5 - K.CC.A.1

Starting to Count - K.CC.A.1

1-10 Connect-the-Dot Problems - K.CC.A.2

Days of the Week- K.CC.A.2

Writing Numbers 1-9 - K.CC.A.3

Learning to Subtract - K.OA.A.3

Color 10 Objects in a Set- K.CC.B.4a

Counting through Drawing- K.CC.B.4b

Color Matching- K.G.B.5

1 to Many Group Matching - K.CC.B.5

Identifying Groups of 6 to 10 Numbers - K.CC.B.5

Working With Tallies - K.CC.B.5

Counting Money - K.CC.B.5

Finding Less in Sets - K.CC.C.6

Comparing 2 Objects - K.CC.C.6



Precursory Skills to Mathematical Operations

Adding by 1 Additional Unit - K.OA.A.1



Precursory Skills to Measurement

Halves; Pre-Symmetry - K.MD.A.1

Long and Short - K.MD.A.1

Find the Biggest Object - K.MD.A.2

How Tall Is It? - K.MD.A.2

Spot All the Differences - K.MD.A.2

More or Less Items and Objects - K.MD.A.2

Make Them the Same - K.MD.B.3

Matching Items and Numbers - K.MD.B.3

Same and Different - K.MD.A.3

Match the Same Number of Different Objects - K.MD.A.3

Recognizing the Same Size - K.MD.A.3

Matching Numbers and Groups of Objects - K.MD.B.3

Matching Pairs - K.MD.B.3



Precursory Skills to Geometry

One to One Relationships - Geometry

In Front and Behind - K.G.A.1

Inside, Outside and in Between - K.G.A.1

Above and Below - K.G.A.1

Which is Smaller? - K.MD.A.2

Drawing and Tracing Geometric Shapes - K.G.A.3

Finding Shapes and Following Directions- K.G.A.3

Sorting Shapes - K.G.B.5

Simple Patterns - K.G.B.4

Patterns Through Colors - K.G.B.4

Basic Patterns with Missing Piece - K.G.B.4

Following Sentence-Based Directions - K.G.B.5