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High School Number and Quantity Worksheets

We really start to extend the level of understanding in exponents and integer classification at this level. For some reason, this is biggest underserved area of the Core Curriculum teacher resource wise. I had a huge problem trying to find any material to use as a reference when creating these worksheets. I believe that this is because this particular area was put together in very loosely associated fashion.

The Real Number System

Properties of Exponents and Roots- HSN-RN.A.1

Fractions with Exponents- HSN.RN.A.1

Rewriting Radical and Exponential Expressions- HSN-RN.A.2

Multiplying and Adding Rational and Irrational Numbers - HSN-RN.B.3

Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers - HSN-RN.B.3

Rational and Irrational Numbers - HSN-RN.B.3


Numbers and Quantities

Choosing Appropriate Units in Formulas- HSN-Q.A.1

Quantities and Descriptive Modeling- HSN-Q.A.2

Accuracy and Measurement- HSN-Q.A.3

Approximating Values - HSN-Q.A.3

Significant Figures- HSN-Q.A.3


The Complex Number System

Simplifying Complex Numbers- HSN-CN.A.1

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying Complex Numbers- HSN-CN.A.2

Conjugates and Dividing Complex Numbers- HSN-CN.A.3

Rectangular and Polar Forms of Complex Numbers -HSN-CN.B.4

Graphing Complex Numbers- HSN-CN.B.4

Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication of Complex Numbers - HSN-CN.B.5

Calculating Distance in the Complex Plane- HSN-CN.B.6

Solving Quadratic Equations- HSN-CN.C.7

Polynomial Identities as Complex Numbers - HSN-CN.C.8

The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra- HSN-CN.C.9


Vector & Matrix Quantities

Drawing Vectors- HSN-VM.A.1

Finding the Components of a Vector- HSN-VM.A.2

Vector Based Word Problems- HSN-VM.A.3

Adding Vectors End to End- HSN-VM.B.4b

Vector Sums Magnitude and Direction - HSN-VM.B.4b

Vector Subtraction- HSN-VM.B.4c

Multiply a Vector by a Scalar- HSN-VM.B.5

Magnitudes of Scalar Multiples - HSN-VM.B.5b

Using Matrices to Represent Data- HSN-VM.C.6

Multiply Matrices by Scalars to Produce New Matrices- HSN-VM.C.7

Add, Subtract, and Multiply Matrices- HSN-VM.C.8

Unique Properties of Matrix Operations - HSN-VM.C.9

Null, Identity and Inverse Matrices- HSN-VM.C.10

Multiplying a Vector by a Matrix- HSN-VM.C.11

Determinants and Inverses of 2 x 2 Matrices- HSN-VM.C.12